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Serving Leaders Who Offer More

Centurion Response is a visioncasting studio.

We craft life-giving platforms for faithful business leaders.
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You Are The Centurion

Like the centurion who went to Jesus to help his servant, you've been called to seek the well-being of the people you lead.

We're here to offer three kinds of visioncasting help as you respond to your calling and your three core audiences.


Strategic Branding

Vision for your company.

Your agency does not do this. And we do not displace them. We align all of your departments around a vision that makes every downstream dollar more effective.

Centurion Brand Vision >>



Books & Platforms

Vision for your community.

Your personal passion should create a halo effect for the brand, but the platform should not be something the marketing department creates.

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Private Memoirs

Vision for your family.

Private memoirs, experiences, proverb collections, holistic annual reports, and anything that shares your heart as you urge your family toward His.

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Casting Vision
with Centurion Response



Visioncasting is about planning epiphanies. Timing is everything, or the vision is lost. We'll help you clarify what you want to say, to whom, why, and to what end.


If vision was easy, you wouldn't have to do it on purpose or repeat yourself so often. We'll work together to design the best options to package your vision for adoption.


A vision worth casting is worth measuring, refining, and feeding. We'll take care of the ongoing work so you can hold the vision without having the work drain your passion.

Centurions Invest in Hope

Visioncasting isn't a mandate. It's an invitation. An appreciation of a better option. At Centurion Response, we'll make your vision clear and beautiful, help you offer it with an open hand, and help you hold a hopeful space as people encounter what you've encountered.

You do not have to have anything figured out before you schedule a call. You just have to have a sense that there is more value to achieve within your business, there is an insight God's shown you that would benefit others, or that you want to see your family be more durable and more "for a purpose" than it is today.

If nothing stirs in you on those points today, no problem. If you feel a hunch, our calling is to help you pay attention to it and figure out how to respond. We'd love to chat and see what happens.

Why You Should Hire Centurion Response to Help

Better Use of Time

It'll take a few conversations, a couple rounds of review, and space for dreaming.

Skill and Process

All you have to know is what you want to end up with. Leave the rest of it to us.

Take Your Story Further

Done well, your story becomes a platform that grows with your passion.

Go Deeper, Get More

You will be invited, safely, to see what you love better than you ever have before.

Reach and Impact

What inspires you will inspire others – 
if you can share your story well.

Get it Finished

Most of our clients call with at least one draft started. Let's finish yours.

Speak Centurion

We think there are several ideas that shape the way centurions live. A few are offered here for your consideration and to see if they sound like yours.


A leader who engages and cares beyond the transaction they have with the people who follow, who will turn to Jesus for help, and who will hold space for Jesus to do the work in the other person's life rather than letting the leader's agenda, desire, or discomfort dictate timelines.

Centurion >>


As opposed to a priest. Kings build, protect, store up, and define the space in which others dwell, while priests have no inheritance, function in hand-to-mouth mercy, and identify God within a space. We need both, but today kings tend to be secular and priests tend to be extractive.  

King >> 


A parish is a territory, while we tend to think of businesses, churches, and ministries as competitive locations. Our orientation should be to seek the welfare of the cities and markets in which we've been placed, rather than competing as though God can only win through us.

Parish >>


Prevenience means preceding. Prevenient grace is how God draws people to Him before they have invited Him to be their Lord. This is the basis of the invitation God extends to centurions to cast vision and invest in the welfare of their people so they might respond to God with love.

Prevenience >>


God is the one who eventually picks up all tabs for His children. Along the way, though, He asks centurions and others to pick up a variety of tabs related to expense, generosity, risk, misunderstanding, strain, doubt, humiliation, isolation, forgiveness, hope, and exquisite joy.

Tab >> 


Testimony is not a sales shill recap of a melodramatic story nor is it a public gripe about a travel experience. Testimony is you, plus God, plus His call upon you – as Presence, and in the Bible it is accompanied with fire. It's the ultimate leading indicator, not today's lame lagging meh.

Testimony >>


Vision is what you see about the place or condition to which God is calling you. Visioncasting is how you invite people to the place where you promise to hold space for them to meet God and see what you see in Him.

Vision >>


Proverbs 29:18 says that where there is no vision people cast off constraints and do what is right in their own eyes. It seems the inverse is true: the clearer and more compelling a vision, the more constraints come with responding to it.

Constraint >>


One of the most critical aspects of being a centurion is to bless the people you lead. This is born from your identity in Christ, the role you play in the lives of others, and the vision you've been called to point others to.

Blessing >>