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Brand Vision

Build a company that matters.

If you honor God and the people who bear His image, your company will experience greater success by every measure.
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About Your Brand

Whatever you're doing with your days is, by definition, what you're doing with your life. If you can't explain to yourself, your people, or your customers why they should give a portion of your life to your brand, you and your brand are inherently underperforming.

Worse, you've got a stewardship issue with the God who owns it all.

Partial List of Brands Served

Some of these clients were served via other very good agencies. Whatever you're doing with your days is, by definition, what you're doing with your life. If you can't explain to yourself, your employees, or your customers why giving a portion of one's life to your brand is a good idea, your brand is inherently underperforming, and so are you. We can help you fix that for your company or any other team you're leading, with or without the explicit theology of identity we'll share with you.


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A Brand is the Quickening Spirit of a Company 

Your brand is not your logo, your value proposition, your products, your HR policies, or anything owned by any department. Your brand is the spirit and identity by which your organization navigates. You have a brand, and it feeds everything. The right brand adds life. Default brands extract it.


Great at the last mile. Horrible at choosing the right road. The brand feeds sales a value focus.


Great at hooks and corporate life hacks. Not built for paradigms. Brand feeds marketing direction.

Public Relations

Great at pumping out stories. Not ideal for deciding where to dig the well. Brand feeds PR a refrain.


Stuck between playing defense and often unaccountable feel-good efforts, the brand feeds HR a path to love well.


Great at refining the drill bit, but often forgets people buy holes. Brand feeds product context and meaning.


Great at measuring what exists and what is possible, but does best when the brand clarifies which wins are right.


Carries so much pressure on "what" and "how" that the spiritual gates are often left open unless the brand helps answer "why" and "for whom."

How We See It

Brand is less a business discipline than a spiritual one.

We can discuss this further in person – we have presentations and talking points that will excite you until they put you to sleep – but brand comes down to identity and vision related to identity.

You don't need your people to be Christians. What you need is an authority structure and persistent vision that ensures all people are treated as though they bear the image of God. He takes care of things from there.

It Goes Deeper Than That

The math favors you in a huge way.

Consider the hours that go into a career. Call it 40 hours per week, 50 weeks per year, for 40 years. That's 80,000 hours in an environment that elicits deep investment and draws out all sorts of heart needs from a vastly wider audience.

Compare that to hours at church, if a person goes at all. Call it 3 hours per week, 50 weeks per year, for 40 years. That's a generous 6,000 hours, spent with the choir, being thanked for attending, often focused on Bible trivia.

You don't even have to be great at it, and you don't have to be in a hurry. The competitive bar is super low. All you have to do is create a setting that cares, point to meaning, and you'll create more impact and draw more investment than anything else in your people's lives. 

That's a great thing, so long as you're pointing that investment to God.


Our Small Batch Process

Centurion Response serves 10 clients per year, and we structure the details of our engagements according to their visions.

You are the centurion, the one going humbly to Jesus on behalf of people you lead. Our job is to help you in your response. We align with you, and then we focus on delivering your vision with and to your team so you can stay focused on operations.


We'll talk about you and what responding to Jesus in the context of your audience looks like. We'll define the initial gist of your vision and begin to walk around with it.


We conduct interviews, do research, and find ways to round out and position your vision. This phase is about clarity more than expression. It's where the beauty will shine brightest for you.


This is your response to God, and we're always on guard about stealing voice from you or your team. We'll work with you and your team in whatever balance serves your vision and calling.


This is the production phase, and the details will vary based on your team's needs. We tend to think the best first spend is the top of the Christmas tree, and everything else gets easier.


As the pieces come into place, we persist as a resource and "keeper of the vision" for you and for your team. We help every department get what it needs from the brand.


There is always more to explore and more to do when it comes to casting a Kingdom vision. We stick around to keep the pursuit alive and joyful as it shapes the lives of your people.

What You Get

Will vary based on your vision.

We work from a deliverable-based rate sheet, with a minimum engagement fee. While we don't do a la carte projects, we recognize you already have staff and other partners, and we have plenty of ways to integrate with them.


We can go faster, but we typically spend the first two to three months with you, interviews, and defining your brand and its vision. Deployment varies based on the plan and your team, but that's typically a six-month run. We focus on seeing how things are working for a few months after that, and then at about the one-year mark, we review options for amplification or how your vision and brand are best served. We absolutely believe there is a point where having an outside voice because a net negative for your team, which in spiritual terms is akin to idolatry (bad things happen to idols), so we get out as soon as we can, dropping to a focus on you and either core leadership or basic friendships. 



Unlimited access and time

Executive guidance, not agency menus

Prayerful pursuit of your best interests

Flexibility on timelines and workloads

Extended payment plans

Introductions to peers



Brand vision product

Website / website content

Sales primers / playbooks / presentations

Articles and vision documents

Creative deliverables 

Value delivery training

Ongoing help for team leaders

Employee program and non-profit vetting

Impact studies

Testimony collection

Book the Conversation

You don't have to have any of this figured out yet.

Our calling is to help revitalize the rustiest weapon in the Kingdom: testimony. Testimony is not a person's before and after story or a one-time experience presented as a sales pitch for church. It's supposed to be you, God, and His will in your life combined as Presence. We focus on centurions because we see the price centurions already pay for their obedience, and that's where we believe we're called to serve. We don't know you yet, but we're already praying for you.

Call. Let's see what happens.