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Word 3: Parish

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Parish is another word for a minister's territory. Anyone or anything going on within the parish falls under the calling and blessing of the parish priest. Compare this to contemporary ideas where pastors tend to be more location-defined, as in the location of a church or a specific ministry. 

A parish exists and the Kingdom representative goes out into it. Today, it's more common to think in terms of a place and people who seek a blessing come to the place where the blessing awaits. 

What we like to encourage is a parish mindset for business leaders. Rather than seeing other businesses as competitors, what if business leaders thought more in terms of the lifetime experiences and shelter employees experience at work and from work? What if more business leaders worked together to have more of the roughly 80,000 hours a person spends at work during their career happen in a setting devoted to Jesus and to demonstrating the value inherent in everyone who bears the image of God?