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Word 5: Tab

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Who will pick up the tab? It's usually the one in the authority position ... if people get to project their daddy issues onto you, you're the dad, and that means you're the one who picks up the tab (same for moms). 

That doesn't make the people you lead children. It does mean that the burden of your role comes with an extra layer of obligation.

Sometimes picking up the tab looks like paying the check. Sometimes it means allowing anger and misunderstanding to get leveled at you. Sometimes it means holding your tongue in the face of injustice, when vengeance would be so delicious. And often, it means delivering bad news or consequences to someone else, and then making sure to follow with a blessing so what lives beyond the moment of failure is the truth and redemption rather than the curses that get whispered deep into human hearts when people experience failure. 

Jesus does this all the time, and He picks up the tabs centurions incur too. One of the greatest benefits that centurions experience in their obedience is to pick up the tab as an act of communion in love with Jesus.