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Word 9: Blessing

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The key to a powerful punch is the plant foot from which a person drives force through their body to the punch itself. Similarly, the power to bless is born from the plant foot of identity in Christ, from which comes authority, alignment with the Kingdom's desire to love and connect with creation, and clarity of vision about what exactly will bless another person.

Identity is the first part. After that comes clarity about the role a leader plays, and the authority or invitation they have to speak or offer a blessing. 

The identity must come from beyond the relationship where the blessing is delivered. It must come from God, and pass through the role a leader plays. Otherwise things get muddy and the blessing will never land in a clean fashion. 

The role through which a person blesses has to be informed and empowered by identity, and the blessing has to flow from the source of identity through the conduit of the role. The blessing, like a punch without a good plant foot, becomes weak and limp-wristed when it's engaged in a transactional fashion where the leader is rewarded in exchange for the blessing. 

A clean blessing is a very difficult objective (impossible?) if it doesn't begin with Jesus and pass through as a gift from Jesus, usually and ideally offered in His Name, without speaking it.

On the flip side, an unclean blessing is not really a blessing at all. It's actually one of the ugliest things in the world. It's also the default experience most people encounter as they receive from their leaders. A blessing that extracts from the recipient is not a blessing, and it is not born from the Kingdom, from a Kingdom identity, or from a role played honorably before the King.