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Peter Gall

Pete Gall is into weird God adventures, the fire of his beautiful wife, and being the king of carpools and kayaks to his daughter and son. On off days, you'll find him being roundly ignored by all sorts of local fish, or farming an abundance of raspberries, vegetables, and dandelions (his specialty) in his solar-powered rainbow disco of a backyard. He lives in Indianapolis and pays the bills helping companies and prominent families tell their stories in ways that move them beyond Maslow's soulish pyramid.

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Word 9: Blessing

The key to a powerful punch is the plant foot from which a person drives force through their body...

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Word 8: Constraint

Proverbs 29:18 says that where there is no revelation/vision, the people cast off constraints and...

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Word 7: Vision

Your vision is your description of the place or condition to which you've been called by God....

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King math

Several years ago, I named the nonprofit donor retention platform Bloomerang, and then I spent a...

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Podcast 1: Todd DeKruyter

Todd DeKruyter leads C12 in Indianapolis, grew up in a centurion family, wrote Navigating Life with...

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Word 6: Testimony

Testimony might be the rustiest, most neglected spiritual weapon in the Kingdom. It's treated like...

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Word 5: Tab

Who will pick up the tab? It's usually the one in the authority position ... if people get to...

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Word 4: Prevenience

Prevenient grace is the way God draws a person into relationship before the person has invited the...

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Word 3: Parish

Parish is another word for a minister's territory. Anyone or anything going on within the parish...

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Word 2: King

There is a difference between a King and a Priest. 

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Word 1: Centurion

The first word in our collection of critical words for centurions is: centurion. We take the term...

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