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Word 9: Blessing

The key to a powerful punch is the plant foot from which a person drives force through their body...

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Word 8: Constraint

Proverbs 29:18 says that where there is no revelation/vision, the people cast off constraints and...

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Word 7: Vision

Your vision is your description of the place or condition to which you've been called by God....

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King math

Several years ago, I named the nonprofit donor retention platform Bloomerang, and then I spent a...

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Podcast 1: Todd DeKruyter

Todd DeKruyter leads C12 in Indianapolis, grew up in a centurion family, wrote Navigating Life with...

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Word 6: Testimony

Testimony might be the rustiest, most neglected spiritual weapon in the Kingdom. It's treated like...

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Word 5: Tab

Who will pick up the tab? It's usually the one in the authority position ... if people get to...

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Word 4: Prevenience

Prevenient grace is the way God draws a person into relationship before the person has invited the...

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Word 3: Parish

Parish is another word for a minister's territory. Anyone or anything going on within the parish...

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Word 2: King

There is a difference between a King and a Priest. 

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Word 1: Centurion

The first word in our collection of critical words for centurions is: centurion. We take the term...

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